Soil nutrients have been analyzed according the Smithsonian ForestGEO standardized protocol. The distributed soil samples are augmented by data from six soil pits.

Figure 1. Aluminum.

Figure 2. Base saturation.

Figure 3. Bray phosphorus.

Figure 4. Calcium.

Figure 5. Effective cation exchange capacity.

Figure 6. Iron.

Figure 7. Inorganic nitrogen.

Figure 8. Potassium.

Figure 9. Magnesium.

Figure 10. Manganese.

Figure 11. Sodium.

Figure 12. Ammonium.

Figure 13. Nitrate.

Figure 14. pH (BaCl2)

Figure 15. pH (CaCl2)

Figure 16. pH (water)

Figure 17. Total exchangable bases.